SplashScapes is proud to install PolySoft, an innovative water play safety surfacing for indoor and outdoor aquatic areas and landscapes. Customizable to include designs, patterns, and logos, it is a top choice for themed spray parks, high-end residential splash pads, pool surrounds, and landscapes.

With eighteen nature-inspired colors to choose from and the ability to mix up to four colors to create a custom color blend, we can create a safety surface that compliments the aesthetic of nearly any design scheme and color palette.

Beyond the beauty of PolySoft is its ability to perform.

PolySoft is a polyolefin based, flexible, and seamless surfacing solution that is

  • tough, yet comfortable and resilient underfoot;
  • offers slip resistance and impact attenuation;
  • scientifically designed to resist fading and withstand the elements of UV exposure and chlorine;
  • proven to reduce surface temperatures by up to 68°F/20°C when compared to more traditional surface options such as concrete or rubber;
  • easy to maintain; and
  • hygienic, non-toxic, and resistant to the growth of fungi.
Safety Surfacing Installation with PolySoft

It is a safety surface with the environment in mind.

We can install PolySoft directly over many surfaces that are cracked, worn, or faded. Not only does this eliminate the time and money required for demolition and removal, it keeps the old surfacing out of landfills.

As for sustainability, PolySoft particles are 100% recyclable.

Let SplashScapes create or refresh your safety surface with PolySoft.

Go ahead, give PolySoft‘s color mixer tool a try. Imagine the style and comfort it would lend to your spray park, pool surround, splash pad, or landscape.

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