SplashScapes is proud to offer you our very own SplashScapes Safer Surfacing with EPDM for playground and aquatic surfacing. With it we install dynamic and artistic safety surfaces that minimize the risk of injuries while enhancing playgrounds safety surfacing, aquatic surfaces, sports surfaces, and play areas.

EPDM Colors

To create your very own ultimate EPDM Safer Surfacing play space, we offer you

  • over twenty surfacing colors to choose from;
  • intricate inlays and logos; and
  • 3D elements such as contours, hills, and spheres.

Whether you want something simplistic and understated or vibrant and modern, SplashScapes can create it.

SplashScapes EPDM 2

In Addition To Its Beauty, SplashScapes PlayTough Provides Safety At A Cost Effective Price.

When compared to other safety surfaces available, EPDM Safer Surfacing is a cost-effective option brimming with benefits:

  • critical fall height rated
  • environmentally friendly (made from recycled tires)
  • low maintenance
  • performs in all weather environments
  • nonslip and drains quickly
  • resistant to abrasions and indentations

Surface Spheres

AquaSeal LLC has added a new dimension to its range by launching Surface Spheres, which are 3-D (three dimensional) rubber shapes. These Spheres are an ideal solution for outdoor play equipment for children such as playground equipment and on splash pads! With over 20 color choices and three sizes, Surface Spheres are providing something new for companies who want playground structures that give them a different dimension. The uses are endless!

Let SplashScapes Bring Your Playground Surfacing Ideas To Life.

Envision the design possibilities for your playground surfacing, aquatic surface, sports surface, or play area. Then contact us to help make your ideas a reality.