Fiberglass Swimming Pools

SplashScapes Barrier Reef Pools

– Fiberglass pools Are The Most Durable In-Ground Swimming Pools Available
– 100+ Fiberglass Pool Designs To Decide From
– 7 Elegant, Luxurious, Full Color Options To Select From
– All Steps, Benches, Safety Ledges, & Loungers Are All Built-In
– Fiberglass Pools have Smooth Walls, Textured Floors, & Steps for Anti-Slip & Safety
– Smooth Inert Surface Cleans Easily, Resists Stains & Requires Less Chemicals
– Very Low Maintenance, By Far The Easiest Pool To Take Care Of
– Fiberglass Pool Installation Can Be A Little As 7 Days
– Salt-Water Pools Are Becoming Increasingly Popular For Their Healthy, Natural Feel. Salt-Water Is Totally Compatible With Fiberglass Swimming Pools
– Fiberglass Pools Are Designed To Flex Without Cracking To Accommodate Earth Movement
– All Our Pools Are Built In a Factory Environment, Allowing For The Best Quality Control
– Lowest Long Term Operation Costs Of In-Ground Pools
– Excellent Loan Acceptance

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

SplashScapes Vinyl Liner Pool

– Very Flexible Design Features; Pool Sizes Can Be Longer, Wider & Deeper Than Average
– Able To Add Built In Steps, benches, & Ledges, With Over-Lay Vinyl
– Vinyl Liner Pools Are usually Built In 3 Weeks, Depending On Shape, Size, & Weather
– Liners Are Manufactured In A Factory, Have Warranty On The Seams By The Installer
– Liners Are Smooth To The Touch, No Snags In Bathing Suits Or Scuffed Feet, Toes, Hands & Elbows
– Liners Need To Be Replaced & Wear Out Typically Every 5-9 years
– Pool Walls Are Normally Built Out Of Galvanized Steel, Polymer Walls, Or Stainless Steel
– Vinyl Liners Can Be Punctured Or Torn By Toys, Pets, & Surfacing Rocks
– Requires Moderate Amounts Of Cleaning Effort To Maintain
– Pool Walls Are Assembled On Site In Addition To Forming & Laying The Vermiculite Floor
– Fair Loan Acceptance

Concrete Gunite Swimming Pools

SplashScapes Gunite Pool

– Most Versatile Design Characteristic Of Any In-Ground Pool
– Almost Any Design Imagined For Shapes & Sizes
– Generally The Most Expensive In-Ground Pool To Build & Install
– Concrete Pools Typically Installed In 8-10 Weeks
– Concrete Pools Can Be Longer, Wider, & Deeper Than Standard Sizes
– Certainly Have Slides, Waterfalls & Other Natural Water Features
– Defiantly Requires The Most Maintenance
– Numerous Different Types Of Finishes Can Be Applied, Various Colors Of Plaster, Diamond Brite Finishes, & Tiles
– Every Part Of The Pools Is Built On The Job Site
– Highest Amount Of Long Term Operating Costs, Due To Acid Washing, Re-Tile Work, New Plastering & Finishing As Well As Additional Chemicals
– Good Loan Acceptance